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Letters to the Editor - 7/4/2006

Consider quiet zone for Shelly Drive

Shelly Drive serves some 250 households with a direct access to Barham Drive and the outside world.

The courts upheld the NCTD's right to close Shelly Drive and to reroute the 250 household community's access via a new Barham Lane to eventually meet with La Moree Road. This causes the response times for fire, ambulance and police to be roughly doubled to access the community's homes.

The NCTD could now show itself to care about the neighborhoods the Sprinter will traverse and install a quiet zone crossing at Shelly Drive, at grade with crossing booms, so as not to adversely affect emergency service access or the community's emergency exit route.

From a recent NCT article this type of crossing is already being considered in Oceanside and Carlsbad for the Coaster. One would hope that the NCTD and the city of San Marcos care enough about residents to consider such a solution for these 250 homes.



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