San Diego Quiet Zone

CCAC Update on Status of Quiet Zone for San Diego

June 19, 2008

The following time-table is based upon discussions with City Councilman Kevin Faulconer’s aide, Steve Hill. It is considered to be estimates, at best, but, at least gives us a way to gauge whether the project is, if you will, “on track” and, if not, where the problem lies. 

  1. Constructions drawings: This is the first step in the process and is currently being prepared by Rail Pros ( ), located in Irvine.
  2. Drawings are to be submitted to the Capital Improvements Division (basically, the county’s architectural department, Mark Clauson, Deputy Director, 619-694-2065). There may be other city and/or county agencies who will be permitted to have input into these plans, but I am assured this process does not delay the request for bids being sent out.
  3. The matter is slated for the agenda of the CCAC at its 7/23 meeting, where the issue is to recommend to CCDC that the requests for bids be sent out.
  4. The target date for sending out the requests in September 2. The bidders will have 45 days in which to respond, which gets us to mid-October.
  5. A not-well-defined process of the actual awarding of the contract will then occur.
  6. Within the next 30 days, the winning bidder will be provided with a “Notice to Proceed”.
  7. The contractor then is given time (? how much) in which to gather needed construction materials.
  8. Projected date for actual construction to begin is January 2009.
  9. Projected date for completion of the project is December 2009

I will continue to do my best to gather and disseminate information on this project. I have also been in contact with Congresswoman Susan Davis’ office. They have agreed to submit a request on my behalf to the Federal Railroad Administration that, as an interim measure while awaiting the quiet zone, they amend the horn regulation such that the decibel level is reduced by at least 50% when a train is within city limits. I have very little optimism that this will succeed, but see no reason not to make the request. I’ll keep you informed and am happy to respond as best I can to your concerns and questions.

David Priver

CCAC Marina District Owner Representative

June 19, 2008


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