San Diego Quiet Zone
John L. Anderson, PE
CCDC Senior Project Manager - Public Works
225 Broadway, Suite 1100
San Diego, CA 92101-5074
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Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Subject: Train Horns in San Diego

We recognize the time and effort BNSF has invested in the many past meetings starting in early 2005, and we certainly appreciate the cooperation to date, and in the future, on this important project from BNSF.

At this point, the quiet zone project is negotiating the legal agreements with NCTD and MTS, representing CCDC and the City in the agreements, among other items of work such as the Negative Declaration out right now for public comment on the project.  We are also working with BNSF on a track work design proposal for the south section of the quiet zone, and the legal agreements with BNSF, and a trackwork design proposal for the north half-Broadway and north with NCTD and MTS.  BNSF has cooperated to date, and attended many, many meetings on the quiet zone, and responded appropriately per the Final Rule which governs quiet zone design.  BNSF is one part of a very complicated project.  As a "strategy" in dealing with BNSF, my suggestion would be to separate the construction of the quiet zone and dealing with train horn noise complaints involving BNSF/rail entities as separate issues.  I don't think intermixing the two helps in the agreement/ engineering/ implementation process for getting a quiet zone as quickly as possible.  From June of 2005 (when the FRA Final Rule revised train horn blowing and took precedence)  to May 31, 2006, the horn noise complaints were random with no large grouping as has happened in the last one and half weeks.  Clearly, for some unknown reason, BNSF train engineer(s) revised their horn blowing.  CCDC and the City are working on a coordinated complaint process and tracking system, instead of sending individual complaints onward for response by BNSF and the FRA.  We will keep the public and yourself updated on how this proceeds.

I hope this information is useful to you, and please see the ccdc website for the quiet zone for information on the project.
Take care,
John Anderson

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