San Diego Quiet Zone
May 5, 2010


From: Scott Johnson []
Sent: 05/05/2010 3:04 PM
To: Bob
Cc: 'Gary Smith'; 'Pat McArron'; 'David Priver'; Scott Johnson
Subject: Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone

Thanks for calling regarding the status of the Quiet Zone project.  As I indicated, we are currently taking the project to the CCDC Budget and Finance Committee on May 12th as an information item.  We are still awaiting final dollar amounts from BNSF Railway for the improvements to their signaling system.  BNSF has indicated that they will provide the updated costs the week of May 17th.
The CCDC Board is scheduled to take action at the May 26th meeting for the recommendation to award the construction contract and the associated agreements with BNSF, MTS and NCTD.
We will then be shooting for the June 22, 2010 joint City Council/Redevelopment Agency meeting for the final authorization to award the construction contract and the agreements.
As I indicated, various folks in the  downtown community are in support of the project.  Gary Smith, Pat McArron and David Priver would be the best folks to contact to see how the Harbor Club folks can help with the community support.  I have copied them on this email so they can get in contact with you.   If you have any additional questions please call me
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