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Quiet Zone Update

from Sandra Simmons,

Quiet Zone San DiegoDuring the last seven years,  I’ve been covering the progress (or lack thereof)  of obtaining a Quiet Zone through Downtown. I have begun to feel like the boy who cried wolf in the Aesop’s fable, The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf.

It appears there is now light at the end of the tunnel and the project maybe rolling into the final designation. (Note: cautiously optimistic words­–appears and maybe.)

The powers to be at Burlingame Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) have resolved all their operational issues, including the Park Blvd (formerly 8th) intersection. The Construction and Maintenance Agreement (C&M) is being reviewed by the city attorney and will hopefully be signed mid-October. Once the Agreement is received by BNSF, the final construction drawings will be completed and ready to bid.

The news appears to be even better. After further analysis of railroad crossings north of Broadway, North County Transit District (NCTD) has determined the crossings do not need to be reconstructed, a cost savings of more than $1.5 million. And, NCTD has begun preparing the final design documents.

CCDC staff expects to bid the construction of the San Diego Quiet Zone the second week of January, and present the bid; the BNSF C&M; and the NCTD, City, MTS Memorandum of Understanding on Construction and Maintenance to the City Council in early March 2010.

In September 2008, the City Council and Redevelopment Agency voted to give CCDC the authority to advertise and receive bids for the construction of the San Diego Quiet Zone from Laurel to Fifth. (Park Blvd, formerly 8th, is being constructed as part of the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge.)

$20.6 million has been set aside for the improvements. These funds will not come from the federal stimulus bill, but rather from monies budgeted by CCDC. I'm sure that I speak for the majority of Downtowners, it’s money well spent!

For information on the Quiet Zone Rule, go to FRA website. - Last update October 1, 2009


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