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Do not enter the railroad right-or-way to obtain any information on trains.  Trespassing is illegal and dangerous. Only use designated pedestrian or highway-rail crossings.

Locomotive engineers are highly trained professionals and are doing the job they are paid to do. Safety is one of the core values within the railroad industry.  All railroad employees bear a great responsibility for safety of the public and their fellow employees. Do not attempt to contact the engineer. Do not throw objects at any part of the locomotive or train.

Look Listen & Live Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit, international continuing public education program first established in 1972 to end collisions, deaths and injuries at places where roadways cross train tracks, and on railroad rights-of-way.

Operation Lifesaver programs are sponsored cooperatively by federal, state, and local government agencies; highway safety organizations, and the nation’s railroads.


National Injury Prevention Foundation - ”ThinkFirst: Leading injury prevention through education, research and policy.”

Common Sense

The Common Sense public safety campaign is designed to remind each and every one of us to use this often overlooked and underrated human faculty, especially around railroad tracks.


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